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About Asher

Can we say genius? Asher's ability to make music feel more like an experience is quite literally breathtaking. Having composed several of our projects from scratch, he understands what it takes to create a tune that catches on. When it comes to sound, he can truly do it all and his expertise with mixing and mastering for television has been appreciated by many global brands including Febreeze. When it comes to making sure soundtracks and foley design elevates the visuals, no one compares to Asher – and he's dang fast at it too.

Question 1

What Inspires You in your Role?

I have a genuine fascination for audio in every sense. Both musically and with sound design. For me it’s like a puzzle, and it’s so satisfying when everything comes together. It’s also rewarding to improve and try to get better results every time I create something with sound.

Question 2

How do you stay inspired?

Listening to other artist’s art is the most inspiring thing to me. Part of my job is just listening to and dissecting songs and sounds. Nothing inspires me like a fresh boundary pushing song.

Question 3

What's one piece of advice you wish someone told you when you first began your career?

I wish I was less particular about specific results. The beautiful thing about art is that it’s mysterious and adventurous. If you allow yourself to experiment and stumble upon beauty, magical things can happen.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work I love to play hockey. It keeps my body and mind stimulated, and allows me to focus on non-creative things, so that I’m more energized when I get back in the studio. I also love to cook and spend time with close friends.


What's your favorite movie of all time, and why?

My favorite movie is Inception. I think the soundtrack is brilliant and the story has a perfect balance of brain teasing and simple enjoyment. I think it’s a masterpiece.

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