Grand Rapids Centre for Plastic Surgery
Scope of Work
Concept, Logistics, Script, Live-action, Post-production, Foley & Mastering
# of Deliverables
Turnaround Timeline
2 Months
Crew Members
RED Komodo + TLS Leica R Lenses

Grand Rapids Centre for Plastic Surgery & Pure Skin

Being true to a beautiful brand.

When it comes what separates a good brand from a great brand like GRCPS, things like trust, authenticity, and attention to detail stand at the top. Grand Rapids Centre for Plastic Surgery holds a strong reputation of excellence and, when they approached us for help in capturing this essence through their branding material, we were excited to dive in. We were tasked to create content suited for all mediums (stills, animations, & video) and work over the span of two days to capture every special moment, every innate detail, every bit of passionate that the team at GRCPS carries. After one month of post production creating social media assets, cross-platform video assets, brand assets, and stills, the final results elevated the GRCPS brand to new heights.

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This campaign needed to be fit for every platform and every customer touchpoint. This not only meant reformatting for each aspect ratio, but also devising animations that provided quick CTA's and were also customizable for the GRCPS team at later dates. Our VFX team outputted editable templates for Premiere Pro, and its mobile counterpart, for the client's team to easily edit and change the messaging as needed. With over 10 total animation templates, here are just a couple of these deliverables...

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A shoot fit for a medical facility.

We've had the opportunity to collaborate with GRCPS on several occasions, each with one crucial consideration. We needed to film in 'clean' environments – environments that required us to maintain a high degree of care to cleanliness and the surrounding equipment. Whether we were wearing masks, booties or simply adding soft bumpers to all of our gear to make sure we couldn't cause damage to any Operating Room equipment we took every measure to ensure a perfect time on set and a successful departure that incurred no interruption to their medical operations.

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A longstanding partnership.

Our ongoing relationship with GRCPS is a perfect example of where our team is able to deliver an unmatched value. After each collaboration thus far, we've been able to reduce our costs as we're able to further align our processes and build trust. Our goal is to create the type of partnership we have with GRCPS with each and every client and we always look forward to hopping back on set with our partners at Grand Rapids Centre for Plastic Surgery!

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