Space is waiting to be explored.
Max Space
Scope of Work
Concept, Logistics, Script, Live-action, VFX, 3D, Cloth Simulations, Composing, Foley & Mastering
# of Deliverables
Turnaround Timeline
2 Months
Crew Members
RED Komodo + Atlas Orion Anamorphics

Maximizing Space in Space.

This project is an example of what we do best in The Ozone.

When Max Space approached us to unveil their groundbreaking innovations to the world, we knew it was their moment to shine. With decades of silent work building unparalleled technological developments, we had a wealth of visual inspiration and stories to tell and little time to do so. Set for launch in 2025, this project became a showcase of our unique approach at Ozone. Fast turnarounds, international travel logistics, mixed-reality filmmaking, all within a tight budget – we pulled out all the stops to deliver on this ambitious project.

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We worked across the 3D spectrum to deliver true-to-life visuals.

This project required us to practically start from scratch. We worked tightly with the engineers to tweak CAD/.step files extensively, followed by modifications like retopology, rigging, UV Mapping, modeling, texturing, and sculpting, before we could even provide pre-vis renders for the storyboards. From there, our teams got to work with the toughest of tasks in this project - the cloth simulations required to simulate the inflation of the model. But, if cloth simulations aren't tough enough already, we also had to take into account the affects of zero gravity on the simulations – talk about a fun challenge! After 1 month of dialing in the simulations, prepping the models for use and getting the planets prepared, we were ready to begin animating – turning the storyboards into reality.

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Imagination turned into reality.

Working between Blender, Cinema 4D and Fusion we animated, rendered and composited all CGI visuals to match the storyboards and integrate seamlessly into the final outputs. Whether it was adding subtle lens imperfections, crafting dynamic flares through key-framing or enhancing colors through HDR grading, our team meticulously refined the visuals to evoke a realistic yet cinematic space environment. Balancing precision for technological accuracy with a cinematic flair was essential, ensuring our visuals not only captivated but also inspired viewers and potential investors alike. With visuals that had never been created before, the Ozone team turned imaginative images into footage that not only felt real but inspired you to keep watching. For our VFX team, nothing beats the thrill of turning imaginative ideas into reality.


The final challenge.

The biggest challenge of this campaign brought us to British Columbia, Canada. With a tight budget and stringent timelines, we had just two days to capture the essence of Max Space's innovations at their lab located just outside the Cascade Mts. In this brief window of time, we had the chance to capture engineering procedures, various product iterations, along with burst tests and engaging interviews with the team. Our mission on-site was simple – showcase the product's evolution, prominent features and unparalleled superiority in the space inflatables industry. The passion from the team was palpable, the product was stunning and the visuals were breathtaking – and so was the surrounding landscape. Checkout some behind the scenes at the lab and surrounding area...

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That's A Wrap!

From international travel on tight deadlines to 'from-the-ground-up' CGI visual work, our team took the challenges presented by this campaign head-on and delivered an outstanding result that has already begun elevating the Max Space mission to new heights! Learn more about who the client is here.


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