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The Dream Team

built for startups, tech & medium size brands, we specialize in maximizing how far a budget can go with creativity that pushes your brand to new heights.

We are a collection of artists, directors, editors, designers, animators and writers that care about your brand's success as much as you do. Our flexible teaming structures, mean we can accommodate budgets large & small while delivering an unmatched caliber of creativity. Our diverse roster of talent means you’re getting a uniquely dedicated team of hungry creatives with expertise in every digital medium & without any of the overhead of a traditional agency.

Take a look how we make this happen below...



We start off together diving deep into your brand's identity, customer desires and the objectives of the project. In this phase we work to understand what you need to not only complete the project successfully but to do so in a way that effectively elevates your KPI's and brand affinity through-and-through.


We then assemble your hand-picked creative team uniquely tuned to execute on the project's creative requirements. Your crew will be specifically curated based on their experience in your industry, creative mediums required & budgetary considerations.

Creative Dev

Your Ozone team then begins developing the creative direction with you, including the art direction, script, casting & any other elements that your project calls for.

While we specialize in commercial video production, we work in every digital medium (print, design, photo, doc filming, etc.) to be able to craft a comprehensive campaign, regardless of intended distribution verticals.



This is where you get to relax while we bring the project to the finish line behind the scenes. We begin turning the gears making the RAW assets into polished deliverables. Here your Ozone team goes to work to edit, color-grade, design foley, animate, composite, mix, format and/or master all assets for delivery.


Using our industry-leading collaboration software, Assemble, you have access to our entire production binder throughout the delivery & review process, enabling you to interact with, approve and download all of the deliverables at your soonest convenience.
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Our process saves time & money while making no compromise on quality, but don't just take our word for it...


From Space pioneers to apparel & everything in-between, our work spans the globe.

Whether we're setting world-firsts at 10,000ft for ORB Aerospace, launching new products for Kawasaki Engines, celebrating the good times at Saganing Eagles Landing Casino or telling the stories of people who show us what it means to be human, we're always hard at work creating visuals that transcend what was previously possible. Plus, the way our team is structured, we achieve this in a fraction of the time & cost of traditional models. These are just a few of the clients we've helped so far...


We fear vanity but are honored to have our work recognized.

We were awarded 4x Tellys, 3X Addys & were chosen Best of GR in the Grand Rapids Film Festival all on only one submission.


Eric Dimmick Profile Photo
Eric Dimmick
Owner & Creative Director
Noah Hempel Profile Photo
Noah Hempel
Technical Director
Kayla Lewicki Profile Photo
Kayla Lewicki
Producer & Wardrobe Designer
Nathanael Fairbotham Profile Photo
Nathanael Fairbotham
3D/2D Animator & VFX Coordinator
Steve Schriemer Profile Photo
Steve Schriemer
Director of Photography
Max Roberts Profile Photo
Max Roberts
Branding Director & Graphic Designer
Reid Petro Profile Photo
Reid Petro
Director of Photography
Asher Postman Profile Photo
Asher Postman
Audio Engineer
Abby Smith Profile Photo
Abby Smith
Producer & Director
Larissa Klingenberg Profile Photo
Larissa Klingenberg
Calvin Hoffmeyer Profile Photo
Producer & Director
Brian Weis Profile Photo
Brian Weis
Oliver Owen Profile Photo
Oliver Owen
Eric Dimmick Profile Photo
Ivan Reynolds
Storyboard Artist

That's who we are. We Can't wait to meet you.

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