Find Your Purpose
Scope of Work
Concept, Logistics, Script, Live-action, Post-production, Foley & Mastering
# of Deliverables
Turnaround Timeline
2 Months
Crew Members
RED Komodo + Sigma Cine Lenses


Exploring life's greatest experiences.

For this campaign, we wanted to put some of nature's greatest features & landscapes as the backdrop to individuals who have found their purpose on Earth. The goal of using nature as a backdrop was supported by the idea that finding your purpose is an internal journey – a journey that only you can find and only you can discover.

We also chose activities and individuals that embodied activities that were also focused on embracing some of mother nature's most powerful forces. This is to convey that the strength of your purpose comes from within and is your strongest will to live.

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Nature as a filmmaker's best friend.

Finding locations that were just right was only half the battle. The other half was determining the best way to capture the scenes to draw the audiences into the feeling we were trying to convey. For this, we opted for water housings, zoom lenses, dynamic camera movements and pro-mist filters to deliver a 'dreamy' feeling. Our goal was to place the viewer on a visual journey that felt visceral and using mist filters combined with a handheld energy, we were able to develop an immersive filmic experience.

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What is was like on set.

Take a look what it was like with the crew on set for a week in Hawaii (the Big Island and Kauai).

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A beautiful project, for more reasons than one.

This project was breathtaking for reasons much greater than the locations we had to film. The creative direction and scripting challenged us to truly turn an existential idea into a tangible film that allowed others to follow on the journey. Doing so in such a foreign environment and with people we had only just met, proved to be a fantastic push outside of our comfort zones that, we believe, shows in the energy of the film. We can't wait for what's next with LSKD and Calvin Hoffmeyer.


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