Becker's Bridal

When You Know You Know
Becker's Bridal
Scope of Work
Concept, Logistics, Script, Live-action, Post-production, Composing, Foley & Mastering
# of Deliverables
Turnaround Timeline
2 Months
Crew Members
Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k +Angenieux Zoom Cine Lenses
Becker's Bridal

When You Know You Know.

At Becker's Bridal, 'you know it when you see it' and this is the energy we wanted to bring into the visuals. Our team was tasked to capture the ‘total experience’ behind this family-owned brand that makes dreams come true for women of all ages, every single day. It was an honor to work with a brand like Becker's, as it embodies all aspects of what we consider to be our specialties in The Ozone – quick timelines, nimble crew, beautiful visuals that make you want to keep watching and a fantastic time on set.

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We knew we'd need a hook and we found it.

In order to elevate this campaign to new heights, our team felt that, without a strong slogan that resonated with the customer deeply, the visuals may not have the lasting impact we knew they could. Therefore, after countless (over 30+) slogan drafts, we finally found the one that we simply knew was right when we saw it. A slogan that not only resonates with the customer but that we found out on set was something that is already a common testimony from their customers. We realized we had something special in the campaign's slogan so we ran with it all the way, bringing energy and excitement to each scene on set. But don't just take our word for it, check out some bts clips below...

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Working with such incredible talent in front of and behind the camera, along with a client that loved to have a blast with us, we were able to keep production within a 12-hour day on set that felt like it flew by. The output has had a major impact on the brand image of Becker's Bridal and our time on set still lives rent free in our memories. Take a peak...

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Amongst countless additional assets successfully delivered, here's one more featuring a cutdown fit for broadcast and social. We can't wait to get back on set with our partners at Becker's Bridal!


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