Woodland Airstream

Adventure powered by Airstream
Woodland Airstream
Scope of Work
Concept, Logistics, Script, Live-action, Post-production, Foley & Mastering
# of Deliverables
Turnaround Timeline
2 Months
Crew Members
Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k G2
Woodland Airstream

Interstate 24X

With the upcoming release of the all-new Interstate 24X from Airstream & Mercedes-Benz, Woodland Airstream enlisted us to create a high-energy promotional video for the redesigned model. The campaign’s goal was simple: capture the rugged capabilities and luxurious features of the new Interstate 24X AWD. All three scenes were shot in separate locations, no less than 30 miles from each other respectively, and the project was wrapped within 9 hours, start-to-finish. Our graphics team also created 5x+, editable, social media bookend templates for future promo’s. Challenge accepted... and accomplished!

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Every good product campaign comes with forethought and for these spots, the forethought went beyond storyboards. We knew that, to communicate the right information, prominent supers would be essential to pointing out the primary features. By leaving blank space in the appropriate frames, even in the most dynamic of shots, we were able to create visuals that also made room for the more informative functions of the campaign. By mixing in some energetic and fast moving clips, we were able to create a back and forth feeling of 'excitement' to 'informative', and sometimes both, to keep the audience's attention and get them excited about the Interstate 24X from Airstream and Mercedes Benz.

Plus, staying nimble we were able to capture content that would've otherwise been impossible with a larger crew. Checkout some of the scenes behind the camera and how those shots translated to usage of supers...

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A partnership for the ages.

Our long-standing partnership with Woodland Airstream allows us to really take new risks and try new things in order to help their brand stand far above other dealership competitors around the country. And nothing beats getting to call the wilderness our 'set' for the day!

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