Saganing Eagles Landing Casino & Hotel

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Saganing Eagles Landing Casino & Hotel
Scope of Work
Concept, Logistics, Script, Live-action, Post-production, Composing, Foley & Mastering
# of Deliverables
Turnaround Timeline
2 Months
Crew Members
Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k G2 + Sigma Prime Cinemas
Saganing Eagles Landing Casino & Hotel

New expansions need new campaigns.

When Soaring Eagle Casino's sister property Saganing Eagles Landing underwent a massive expansion to their facility, they needed the same thing to be done to their current visual assets as well. We needed to capture their new hotel, new games and brand new culinary facilities, all within only 2 days on set.

Challenge accepted...

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Saganing Eagles Landing Casino and Resort Still 1
Saganing Eagles Landing Casino and Resort Still 3
Saganing Eagles Landing Casino and Resort Still 2
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"I wanted to convey a luxury experience in a way that carries the viewer through an actual evening at the Casino – showing them the fantastic accomodations and the wonderful excitement that can be had around every corner of the building."

Director, Eric Dimmick

After iterating on the storyboards with over 10 versions, our Director wanted to use dynamic camera movements & natural objects in the locations to transition seamlessly from scene-to-scene . The goal with this style was very specific – to provide a uninterrupted visual journey depicting a series of experiences that one could have in a single evening – adding in several fun and quirky moments (the hand-off champagne swirl, falling back on the bed, etc.) to provide some lighter feelings throughout the videos.

Take a look at how our initial storyboards turned into reality on set...

Saganing Eagles Landing Casino and Resort Summer Still 1
Saganing Eagles Landing Casino and Resort Summer Still 2
Saganing Eagles Landing Casino and Resort Summer Still 3
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See what it was like behind the scenes with our crew.

With only 2 days to complete 4x seasonal :30 spots, 20x individual :15 gaming promos, and 1x :60 Brand video, timing was clearly of the utmost importance. Logistics were nothing short of a puzzle but we executed perfectly to shoot in a nonlinear schedule, based solely on the locations in the facility. For example, we filmed all scenes needed in the restaurant at the same time with talent sprinting back and forth to our staging room to get wardrobe changes & makeup touchups. This allowed us keep lighting & gear prep centrally located and capture everything needed for each location with minimal disturbance to the real guests who were spread throughout the rest of the casino. Whether it was good planning, luck or simply a combination of both, the shoot went flawlessly and we captured everything needed in a way that not only satisfied our Director but thrilled the client!

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A fantastic collaboration through and through.

We couldn't have been happier to have made such a fantastic project happen through the collaboration with Assemble and the fantastic people over at Saganing Eagles Landing Casino & Hotel. Our crew went above and beyond. The creative direction made for a blast on set and the grandeur of the location itself made our jobs easy. Cheers to winning with Saganing Eagles Landing Casino & Hotel!


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